Find Your Own Peace of Mind in Finland’s Newest National Park!

This blog post is, contrary to my previous posts, in English for those who might stumble upon my site from abroad. As you may know, Finland is renowned for its winter (among other things) and beautiful landscapes. We also have now 38 national parks, the latest addition being the Southern Konnevesi National Park in Northern Savo.

In the Southern Konnevesi National park, there is a place called Mount Kalajanvuori, and at its feet a small lake called Vuori-Kalaja. In fact, it is more of a pond, but then again, most watery bodies in Finland could be called lakes. Kalajanvuori has become the most visited place in the national park so far, and that’s where I was on this January, watching how a snow igloo was being made.

Although the buidling of the igloo was one of the most interesting things I’ve experienced in a while, the Kalajanvuori region, and the whole of the Southern Konnevesi National Park is a place where I find myself especially well invigorated by the pure nature and beautiful landscapes. Be it summer, fall, spring or winter, the national park is worth visiting. In the winter, the whole landscape is covered in snow (this winter at least) which makes it a magical place particularly at dawn or dusk.

(C) Mikko Lemmetti 2015
(C) Mikko Lemmetti 2015

It makes no difference whether you visit this place only for a short time or stay there longer, the result is always the same: you come back feeling much better than you were going in. If you plan to come in winter, remember to bring your own snowshoes or skis, or rent some. If all goes well, there will be at least a footpath in snow – or even a snowmobile track if you’re extremely lucky – leading towards the Mount Kalajanvuori and the lean-to at the bank of Lake Vuori-Kalaja from the Törmälä Holiday Centre.

I would recommend favouring the local stores in Konnevesi and Rautalampi villages and the local entrepreneurs for any help and camping gear & food – of course, but if you are already well-prepared, you can just go in an enjoy the scenery, and most importantly – the silence – which you may have forgotten even exists anymore!

Photo Rights by
Mikko Lemmetti


Julkaissut Mikko Aslak Lemmetti

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