365 Reforestation Stories – Story #4: Love Forest Finland (Rakkauden metsä)

From the hot and humid rainforest we come back to Finland. Finland is known for its forests, and about 70 % of the land area is forest, which makes it the most forested country in Europe. However, about only 12.6 per cent of the forested area is protected or in limited use (that is, whereJatka lukemista ”365 Reforestation Stories – Story #4: Love Forest Finland (Rakkauden metsä)”


365 Reforestation Stories

Hello! Let’s go a little greener. I will start (or at least attempt to start) 365 stories about reforestation, one for each day of the year, in order to promote (not commercially) the efforts being taken around the world to plant more trees and revive forests and forest ecosystems. As you know, world’s forests areJatka lukemista ”365 Reforestation Stories”